Inox-standard heat resistant sediment filters

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Product Description


Inox-standard heat resistant sediment filters


  • Available in either a cylindrical or pleated stainless steel configuration, using no resin or glue based binders, these reusable cartridges offer the perfect choice for high temperature applications
  • Offered in 5 to 850 micron with double open ended (AA) or with optional 222 and 226 end caps
  • The pleated construction of the SPS delivers an extra 0.1m2 of surface area versus the cylindrical cartridge for improved flow and dirt holding
  • The stainless steel construction of the SPS/SYS is suited to applications where aggressive solutions rule out less robust filter media
  • For challenging industrial environments, a pleat protector cage option is available on the SPS adding PL to the code e.g. SPS-S-20-ESB-PL