Ecosure 280 litre water tank




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Product Description

This is the Ecosure 280 litre water tank. It is made from 20kg of industrial strength Medium Density Polythylene, making it weather and impact resistant.

On top is an 8″ vented lid which is designed to stabilise the pressure inside the tank when water is let out through the ¾” BSP outlet.

The outlet can be found on the narrow side of the tank in line with lid. This is a threaded brass outlet, ideal for connecting taps, shut-off valves and other pipework. Other outlets can be made using Essex Flanges. Caution must taken not to over tighten any fittings.

The hole in the middle or “baffle” is a strengthening feature to help keep the tank’s slimline profile. This is also a safety features for vans and trucks; the flow of liquid is disrupted by the baffle making it safer for transportation.

Available in multiple colours including natural white, which is perfect for car valeting and window cleaning. Other colours such as Sandstone, Millstone Grit, Green marble and white marble make perfect water butts.

This tank can also be bought as a lay-flat version.

If you’re look to store drinking water we also manufacture a potable tank made from the finest quality WRAS approved polymer .

Water tank uses:

  • Process water storage
  • Ro water storage
  • Rain water storage

280 litre tank dimensions:

  • Height 820mm
  • Width 240mm
  • Length 1100mm